Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cepatlah Sihaaattt..!!! :(


Dear students,

1.       I wish all of you are in a good health and always be blessed.

2.       Kindly be informed that I am now admitted (2nd day) at hospital due to some maternity complication and undergo ‘Bedrest’ – a medical treatment. This will take up at least a month depending on the health progress for special monitoring.

3.       It is very sad the fact that I am not able to be in the campus with all of you discussing all the interesting ideas and getting feedback / views from promising young generation.

4.       Do not be worried as the management of the faculty is now sorting out this situation especially pertaining classes, to make sure all of you in the right track. Most probably you will get replacement lecturer.

5.       However, I still can be contacted via short message system (SMS) and preferably by email for any discussion, inquiry and any related thing. I’ll try my best to assist and supervise virtually. I am happy to receive constant report, updates and progress on your learning session later.

6.       For the time being I need few things from the Class Rep / Assistant Class Rep

a.       DMC4G Class Timetable – (Simple one, Day, Time, Subject and Lecturer’s name)

7.       Kindly get ready for your knowledge test on the topic of Citizen Journalism. Notes have been given before. Some other lecturer will conduct this for you.

8.   Last but not least, I hope that you guys can do well and be very proactive of your academic part. I pray to Allah to grant me good health condition, so that we'll meet again as soon as possible. Kindly excuse my health condition. I wish all the best to all of you.

9. Kindly share this info to your classmates so that they are in the know.

Man proposes, Allah disposes.

Salam hormat,
Siti Najah Raihan Sakrani

Ini adalah email yang Mdm Najah hantar dekat i.... serious sedih... dia adalah antara lecturer yang terbaik untuk semester ini. Dia kongsi segala pengalaman yang ada serta pendapat dia about current issues in Malaysia. aarrghhh.. tak boleh nak cakap banyak sebab seriously i sedih... walaupun ada lecturer lain yang ganti, kami tetap rindu dekat Mdm Najah.. (Thanx to Miss Linda sebab ganti Mdm Najah) Kami semua mendoakan semoga Mdm Najah cepat sembuh, kandungan sihat, Mdm pun sihat serta boleh start lecture macam biasa... 

Salam hormat;

Harits Asyraf Karev

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